Medjugorje - The Way Home - An Important Update

New Film on Medjugorje
Highlights Important New Vatican Actions

This important update on recent events in Medjugorje was written, produced, and directed by Bill Luceno, creator of the acclaimed documentary "Mary's House-All Are Invited" and distributor of other Marian films. The film provides viewers with an update on recent events at the Vatican and Medjugorje, covers the various changes there, and most importantly, focuses on the essence of the reported messages from the Blessed Mother including her specific direction on finding our way home to God and eternal salvation. Click here to see a preview.

The film covers the extremely important Medjugorje visit of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn. Bishop of Vienna and a close friend of Pope Benedict. After his visit the Cardinal was often quoted as saying he felt the fruits of Medjugorje were SO good it was hard to say Medjugorje was not from God. Also covered is the dramatic story of a man who despite having no faith in God was both spiritually and physically healed in Medjugorje. Two of the visionaries give great insight into the messages of Mary and speak with great conviction on the validity of the continuing appearances and messages of the Virgin Mary. Katy Feeney lends her beautiful voice in a number of places throughout the film.

The Triumph

A Film Which Will Touch the Hearts of
Everyone Who Watches It

A young man with a history of alcohol and drug issues is filmed throughout his pilgrimage to Medjigorje.

The film dramatizes his exposure to reported apparitions, visionaries and other young people residing in a treatment center in Medjugorje attempting to change their lives.

The films conclusion is both surprising and inspiring!

The Father's Gift

Truly Appreciating the Eucharist

Travel the world and hear dramatic accounts of personal spiritual conversions via the Holy Eucharist.

Well respected theologians like Sr. Briege McKenna O.S.C. and Fr. Rene Laurentin provide enlightened spiritual insights on the True Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

Numerous other Marian videos are available via Mary's Media. Click here for a full list, descriptions and prices.

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